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Vegan cranberry paté

Dinner, Comfort food

Vegan cranberry pate that you can put on the table in no time! Easy to make, very tasty and super nutritious.

Vegan feta


So easy and so tasty, that I have never made this before… This vegan feta is ready within 5 minutes...

Vegan Panna Cotta With Cherries, Healthy Dessert Recipe

Desert, Comfort food

Mmm panna cotta, so simple and so tasty. Typically Italian, simplicity gives power to a dish! This vegan...

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Vegan Italian Frittata recipe

Dinner, Quick, Comfort food, Vegan, Italian

Yes this is sooo delicious! Vegan Italian Frittata, comfort food at its best and also perfect for the...

Chocolate Pudding Jar recipe

Quick, Comfort food, Vegan, Desert

Indulge in my Chocolate Pudding Jar recipe. As a cocoa enthusiast, I create these vegan treats monthly,...

Perfect Pulled Jackfruit Tacos recipe

Quick, Comfort food, Vegan, Dinner, Mexican

Do you enjoy Mexican food? The lively atmosphere, aromas, and music will put you in the right mood....