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Chili con quinoa recipe

Dinner, Vegan

An insanely delicious chili with quinoa. You can also easily make it vegetarian by omitting the minced...

Best Stuffed Broccoli Quiche recipe

Dinner, Superfood

Broccoli is a superfood that we all know. Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables we can find in...

Precious Vegan Pecan Pie recipe

Desert, Breakfast

The festive gingerbread spice scents will meet you during this period. Delicious, spicy, sweet with...

Dill Beetroot Hummus recipe

Comfort food, Healthy snacks, Fingerfood

Looking for a tasty and fresh spread? This dill beet hummus tastes so nice and fresh and is delicious...

Healthy BBQ sauce recipe

Dinner, Sauce, dressing and gravy

Who doesn't like BBQ sauce? Sweet, spicy and sometimes it just gives that extra wow factor to a dish....

Healthy chocolate milk

Comfort food, Juice&shake

Recently I suddenly felt like chocolate milk, but yes, the regular variant does not really make my body...

Breakfast boost: Crunchy Winter Granola

Breakfast, Vegan

Every day is a party, if that's what you make of it, we do that with pleasure and a crunchy winter granola.

Resistance Boost: With Apple And Cucumber juice recipe

Health, Juice&shake

Tasty and healthy juices are easy to make. This resistance boost consists of apple, cucumber and celery.

Antioxidant Boost: Onion Soup For A Lazy Sunday recipe

Dinner, Lunch

We usually don't feel like cooking elaborately on Sundays. A delicious onion soup recipe is an easy...

Vegan Banana Pudding no bake easy recipe

Comfort food, Breakfast, Vegan

delicious vegan banana pudding in this easy and healthy recipe for trifle. No baking is required!

Vegan Italian Frittata recipe

Dinner, Quick, Comfort food, Vegan, Italian

Yes this is sooo delicious! Vegan Italian Frittata, comfort food at its best and also perfect for the...

Chocolate Pudding Jar recipe

Quick, Comfort food, Vegan, Desert

Indulge in my Chocolate Pudding Jar recipe. As a cocoa enthusiast, I create these vegan treats monthly,...

Perfect Pulled Jackfruit Tacos recipe

Quick, Comfort food, Vegan, Dinner, Mexican

Do you enjoy Mexican food? The lively atmosphere, aromas, and music will put you in the right mood....